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Scholten Residence

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Project Overview

Although the majority of our projects begin with the design process taking place through our office there are cases where the customer has purchased a landscape plan by another design company or Landscape Architect and wants us to provide quotes to install the proposed work. In this case it was pre-determined that the customers wanted to use both landscape companies due to previous relationships and we were tasked with installing the softscape.

Using dynamic straight lines the hardscape layout accentuates the front entrance and is anchored by the birch trees on either side. These add height to the front garden and help keep the gardens in scale with the house. Uplights were installed under each birch tree as well as the maple trees lining the driveway. Night lighting is a great way to accent focal points and softly light up the landscape without the use of harsh spotlights.

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Project Specs

  • Date: August 2015
  • Category: Full Property
  • Location: Otterville, ON
  • Type: Residential
  • Value: $30,000 – $40,000

Project Details

The monochromatic planting scheme brightens the architecture without overpowering it and complements the dark grey exterior. The linear style of the hardscaping is mimicked by the straight lines of planting. A classic boxwood hedge outlines all gardens in the front and is filled with rows of flowering shrubs and perennials.

In the backyard the contemporary style continues but the monochromatic colour scheme is replaced with mass plantings of perennial colour and flowering hydrangeas around the poolside. Multi-branched red bud trees along the back will one day provide shade in the back corner and beautiful spring colour as they bud.

Scholten 4

Inside the pool area there is also a synthetic turf area which softens the concrete poolside surface but can still be used as a functional lounging area. Real grass poses many problems beside a pool such as: getting the lawn mower into the area, being careful not to allow the clippings to blow into the pool, would require irrigation, etc. Although synthetic turf is more of an upfront cost the long term benefits are substantial; once installed it requires zero maintenance. No watering, no mowing, no mess!

Scholten 5

Wrapping around the screened in porch is a square slab step stone pathway with turf between the slabs. The installation process can be time consuming to cut each piece of sod to fit perfectly between each stone but the outcome is worth the chore. This is a great finishing touch that adds just another element of the contemporary style to the overall design. There was a concern that the sod in between the stones would not root properly but with some guidance the homeowners have done a fantastic job ensuring everything was watered properly and the finished product looks great!

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