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Wellhauser Residence

Wellhauser 2

Project Overview

The Wellhauser home was newly built in 2015 and the homeowners were eager to get the exterior looking just as beautiful as the interior. They met with our owner John Veldman to discuss their vision for the project. He took this back to the office and came up with an eye-catching design for their front entrance. Though there were a few minor changes to plant choices upon client review the layout of the design remained the same. The only item left to decide was paver style; John suggested the Unilock Artline paver which is a very linear paver and lends itself well to the sleek modern look they were after. Accented with a black banding of Unilock Series 3000 the walkway stands out beautifully!

Wellhauser 3

Project Specs

    • Date: June 2015
    • Category: Front Entrance
    • Location: Tillsonburg, ON
    • Type: Residential
    • Value: $12,000 – $14,000
Wellhauser 4

Project Details

The armourstone to the right helps to continue the dark grey tones throughout the front and adds dimension to the garden bed which would otherwise be flat or typically mounded. Planting evergreen boxwoods along the walkway really define the entranceway and help to draw your eye towards the front door. The linear planting style complements the linear stone pattern and maintains an orderly fashion to the overall look. Everything is evenly spaced and left with room to grow which. Foundation planting not only helps to soften the hardscaping but with the right plant choices also add colour to the front of the house all year long.

By creating an oversized bottom step it serves as a small patio or landing pad and is a great place to chat as company is coming or going on a nice day. Its asymmetrical design also adds a contemporary flair to an otherwise very rectangular design. These small details are what makes a Courtland PM design stand out from the crowd.

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