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Jeffreys Residence

Jeffreys 2

Project Overview

The Jeffreys discovered our services by talking with one of our representatives at the London Spring Home & Garden Show. A meeting was set up to begin the design process and the final result is breathtaking.

A full front yard renovation was in order and replaced with a bold, linear and contemporary design. Raised planter boxes in the front keep a raised and linear profile from the street. The slope of the driveway makes this front yard feel even grander than it is and this grand feeling was amplified by creating a large entry platform at the front door.

Jeffreys 3

Project Specs

  • Date: Sept – Oct 2016
  • Category: Driveway, Front Walkways, Gardens
  • Location: London, ON
  • Type: Residential
  • Value: $40 000 – $50 000
Jeffreys 4

Project Details

The driveway and walkways were replaced with Unilock Northshore Almond Grove pavers and accented with Beacon Hill Smooth Midnight Charcoal banding. The two pavers differ in colour as well as texture, Northshore has a slight texture to it which is more traditional style and by incorporating the smooth texture of Beacon Hill it makes the project as a whole feel more modern. The driveway was sealed the following year in the spring of 2017.

A significant grade change between the houses required a retaining wall along the side walkway which was built from Oaks Fieldstone. In-Lites were installed under the wall coping to light up the otherwise dark side of the house and enhance the entrance to the backyard.

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Glover Residence

Glover 2

Project Overview

Although Courtland does provide Landscape Design services, there are times when the client has already completed the design process with another Landscape Designer or Architect and requests our services for a quality install. The Glover’s had a plan in place as well as a general contractor overseeing the project as a whole and Courtland was hired to install the gardens, although the scope of work quickly expanded as our crews began to work.

Although the original design was complete with a planting plan multiple changes throughout the construction process changed bed shapes and as a relationship grew with the client she made a few preferences clear and before the end of the project an entirely new planting plan had been put in place. The priority was put on incorporating native species within a very particular colour scheme.

Glover 3

Project Specs

  • Date: May – July 2016
  • Category: Full Property Gardens & Structures
  • Location: Banner, ON
  • Type: Residential
  • Value: $50 000 – $80 000
Glover 4

Project Details

All new structures were installed in the backyard including a unique clothesline with natural stone step landing platform and oversized gabion stone pillars. These pillars matched the pergola type structure that was installed on the new concrete patio. The project has a one-of-a-kind industrial style that won’t be seen in any other backyard. Utilizing many different materials such as chainmail screens for shade, large steel beams and wood rafters to tie back to the wood decking.

Courtland cannot take credit for the decking or retaining walls seen here.

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McDonald’s Restaurant

McDonalds 2

Project Overview

Prior to this project the front yard of the local McDonald’s was so crowded with overgrown plants that it was difficult to see the front entrance to the restaurant. The existing outdoor flagstone patio was uneven and areas had to be blocked off to ensure customers wouldn’t trip. Finally the outdoor tables made of large boulders were so desperately in need of an update there was nothing to do but get dispose of them entirely and replace them with the modern restaurant furniture you see in McDonalds everywhere.

There were multiple design changes throughout the process to finally settle on a very liner and modern design for the patio softened by a flowing organic shaped garden. The majority of the front was returned to turf so the space doesn’t feel too cluttered and both the patio and the restaurant are easily visible from the road so customers can easily see those golden arches.

An unsightly transformer box and hydro pole out front by the main entrance did pose some design challenges as they would need to be somehow camouflaged. To tie everything together we ended up building a small wall around the transformer and the pole to match the patio seating wall. This was backfilled with soil and planted with tall grasses to help conceal the utilities.

McDonalds 3

Project Specs

  • Date: May 2015
  • Category: Front Patio
  • Location: Tillsonburg, ON
  • Type: Commercial
  • Value: $22,000 – $26,000

Project Details

We wanted to create a sense of intimacy and privacy on the patio but maintain sightlines and a nice view out of the restaurant front windows. It was decided that a seating wall was a good compromise which would define the space and provide extra casual seating. Unilock Brussel Block dimensional wall stone was chosen to build the wrap around seating wall and Unilock Brussel Block pavers with a Unilock Series 3000 Granite banding to create the patio. A neutral gray tone was chosen which keeps with the modern updates and complements the classic red and yellow McDonalds colouring without being distracting.

McDonalds 4

The plant choices are minimal and nothing too large was chosen as we didn’t want to end up with a similar situation as what we had started with. Annabelle Hydrangeas, Dwarf Fountain Grass, Russian Sage and Daylilies are planted using both linear and mass planting techniques. The linear planting of the hydrangeas accentuate the flowing shape of the garden while the masses of perennials give pops of colour throughout the summer.

McDonalds 5

The final result is a beautiful modern outdoor patio which now reflects the contemporary updates that had been done to the interior of the restaurant. This outdoor space invites customers in from the road, provides great views for both indoor and outdoor customers, and complements the architecture of the building rather than conceal it.

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